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GeoPro Footing provides the support and rebound required to make your arena surface a safe one.  Our blends differ based on your discipline and we also offer a Custom Blend unique to your property.  Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

GeoPro Footing for Pleasure Riding

  • Incorporated into existing or new arenas
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • 100% geotextile mix - 90% polyester to 10% polypropylene
  • Increases stability and provides structure to your sand and helping to eliminate slippage
  • Improves water retention and reduces compaction
  • Non-toxic, non-allergenic, UV resistant for Australian climatic conditions

GeoPro Footing for Dressage

  • Includes all features of pleasure riding mix
  • Enhanced polypropylene content - 15% polypropylene and 85% polyester
  • Increased energy rebound
  • Optimal for dressage or light traffic

GeoPro Footing for Jumping

  • All benefits of dressage mix
  • Increased polypropylene content - 40% polypropylene and 60% polyester
  • Optimal support for jumping horses taking off and landing with increased impact resistance
  • Excellent energy rebound

Why choose GeoPro Footing for your arena?

The binding qualities of GeoPro Footing provide less shifting, reducing soft tissue damage in horses’ legs when both training and competing.  The rebound also helps your horse get the elevation necessary to perform at the highest level, whilst reducing the wear and tear on their joints.

GeoPro Footing also provides water holding qualities, so less water is needed to make your surface more rideable; moisture also aids in the uniformity and consistency of your riding surface.

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