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Landscaping redesign and new arena with GeoPro

Moss Vale, NSW

About the client

Stephanie is an avid horse rider who divides her time between her family’s Southern Highlands property, where she keeps a number of horses, and their home in Sydney’s North Shore. Stephanie agists her competitive showjumpers at Peppertree Arcadia and regularly competes at SSJC and across Sydney.

The challenge

Incredibly busy and often time poor, Stephanie’s family have been partnering with Peppertree Contracting throughout the last 18 months as they look to develop and design a bespoke equestrian property, in stages.

The solution

Initially, our focus was on: constructing a new arena; installing new post and rail fencing (adding electric fencing where required); and building boutique, custom designed stables plus tack-room and wash-bays (considering the property’s harsh Winter conditions). 

Most recently, our Peppertree Contracting team have been responsible for: a landscaping make-over surrounding the house; removing noxious weeds from the property; and, redesigning the entrance and driveway. 

Additionally, having experienced the benefits of training on a premium surface, Stephanie recently decided to add a GeoPro Footing custom-blend solution to her arena. In this instance, we supplied the product directly to Stephanie’s property and used a local installer to implement.

Stephanie now has a facility which she can use all year round with an ideal training and riding surface. The high standard of the project has meant that the property value has increased.

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